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What we do ?

Employees really don't like receiving generic gifts from HR and managers. We are here to change that!

We make it amazingly easy to gift your team exactly what they want!

97% of our clients surveyed are happy with our gifts! Compared to only 15% from traditional corporate gift providers! 

What's our secret?

Cheery sends each team member a virtual gift box via email, letting him/her to choose from 5 different gifts.

Our gifts are not boring corporate gifts, we source the market for the best gifts in Singapore within your budget. 

This is how we help you gift your team what they actually want! 

3 Simple Steps

Step 1 

Leave us your email below. Our staff will reach back quickly to confirm the budget and details.

Step 2

We will send each team member a virtual gift box via email, letting him/her to choose from 5 different gifts.

Step 3

We’ll take care of the gifting and bill you/HR after. It’s as easy as that!  

what our clients say

HR Associate - Grab Ventures

Julia Sim

My team loved the idea that they could choose their own gifts! And Cheery made it so simple for me to make my team feel appreciated. The team took care of everything from start to end. They were also really patient with understanding the likes/dislikes, age, muslim/non-muslim preferences of my team. 

HR Manager - OmnirAise

Liz Pak

During CB, I’ve been using Cheery to send my team’s WFH packages. They’ve made it so easy for me to put a smile on the faces of my team. The $2/person admin fee is so worth it. I’ll probably leave it to them to take care of my Christmas shopping and even scheduled birthday gifts! 

Some of Our Happy Clients

Get your first 10 gifts with no charges!


What are the charges?

Cheery charges $2/gift and there are no other charges. We do not make any commissions from sales and do not store any inventory of our own. 

Where do our gift budgets range from? 

We have gift budgets from $50, $100, $200 and $500.

Can we deliver overseas? 

We currently are not able to deliver beyond Singapore. Although this is in the works!