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(available in Singapore & Johor, Malaysia)

The Talula Farm

We are a 10-acre farm based in Kluang, Malaysia, a 1.5 hour drive from the causeway. We base our farming methods off permaculture. This is a sustainable method of farming which creates a self-maintained habitat modeled after natural ecosystems. We practice organic farming methods, meaning that we do not use pesticides, or anything chemical-based in our farming.

Join our Farm Share

Own a small share of our farm and you can decide what to grow, vote on major decisions and have your share of produce sent straight to your home.

The farm Box

You’ll get to tell us which produce you like/dislike and your this helps us decide on what to grow every month. This helps us to customize the delivery box to your family as well!


The Mission

In connecting our farm directly with families, we're here to help families know exactly where their food is coming from and how it's grown. Equally important, this allows farmers to earn a sustainable living.

3 steps to Join

Step 1 : Sign-up

Sign up below. There are currently 2 options available for weekly and monthly shares.

Step 2 : Vote 

You’ll get to tell us which produce you like/dislike and your this will help us decide on what to grow every month.  


Step 3 : Receive

We’ll deliver you fresh produce straight from the farm. Some produce will be delivered from partner organic farms in Malaysia and Thailand.

Why Join Us?

100% Fresh, Organic Produce

Our methods go beyond producing organic, non-pesticide and sustainable methods. We engage in the permaculture method.

Visit and Harvest 

Once the borders open, come down to watch or take part in the harvest process. We have 16 comfortable cabins in the farm which would make for a great weekend stay. 



Learn Sustainable Farming

The process and effort behind farming that’s often taken for granted. We’ll give talks on the basics of our approach to sustainable farming. Get updates from the farm straight  to your inbox. 

The Team

Get on the Waiting List

We’re taking just 50 members in to kick off our farm share. Please sign-up only if you’re keen on 

Fall Vegetable Share

$35.00/ delivery


What are the charges?

Cheery charges $2/gift and there are no other charges. We do not make any commissions from sales and do not store any inventory of our own. 

Is there a discount?

Cheery waives the $2/gift fee for your first 10 gifts.  

Where do our gift budgets range from? 

We have gift budgets from $50, $100, $200 and $500.

Can we deliver overseas? 

We currently are not able to deliver beyond Singapore. Although this is in the works! 


Crops on the Menu

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